SIDE board with CP and FO Warnings and SIXPACK

• Captain’s annunciator with FLT CONT/ IRS/ FUEL/ ELEC/ APU/ OVH-DET warning light
• First Officer annunciator with ANTI-ICE/HYD/DOORS/ENG/OVERHEAD/AIR COND warning light
• 2 Fire warn and bell cut out
• 2 Master caution
• System annunciator

The SIDE737 supports the functions of the warning lights (FIRE WARNING-MASTER CAUTION) and system annunciators (SIX PACK).
The SIDE737 panel connects through 5 pole cable to the daisy chain, whether for the FO or CP side. SIDE737 could be provided with only the main module or with FIRE WARNING/BELL CUT OUT/MASTER CAUTION pushbuttons and six pack annunciators recall system for both CP and FO.
Once connected there is no need for further configurations, our product connects directly to the MCP737PRO/PRO2/EL.
Compatible with Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator Steam Edition, Prepar 3D ( V1, V2 and V3), Project Magenta, PROSIM737, SimAvionics, PMDG737NGX, iFly737, LVLD767 XP11 ( only ZIBO737 )

Why choosing us?

Our SIDE737 connects directly to MCP737PRO/PRO2/EL in daisy-chain together with the other modules. The MCP737 takes on charge all the connected modules, dealing the communication between them. For this reason SIDE737 does not require further driver installations or software configurations and does not take USB ports on the pc.

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