SIDE320PRO_FO is an expansion module and requires EFIS320PRO_FO to operate. It connects directly to CPflight EFIS320_FO side by a flat cable.

Our SIDE320PRO_FO disposes of:

• Green LED legend pushbutton for CAPT/FO with red LED arrow, used to indicate the side stick priority
• Chrono pushbutton with a 2 pole terminal block directly connected on it, to give you the possibility to trigger an external chronometer hardware.
• Red LED master warn pushbutton
• Orange LED master caution pushbutton
• Red LED autoland pushbutton

Our SIDE320PRO_FO connects directly to EFIS320_FO by flat cable. The FCU320PRO takes on charge all the connected modules, dealing the communication between them. For this reason SIDE320PRO_FO does not require further driver installations or software configurations and does not take USB ports on the pc.

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