PMDG737 for FS2020 compatible at 100%

PMDG737 for FS2020 compatible at 100%

Using the driver release 376_B or later version the CPflight MCPs (EL, PRO, PRO2, PRO3 and NG-MAX) are perfectly compatible, at 100%, with PMDG737 panel for FS2020.

Please verify to have installed the last version of fsuipc7

Please read carefully also the document FS2020_Readme_first.pdf enclosed into the installer

After done this 2 simple setup you need only to run fs_com.exe and select Connect into fs_com menu bar.

The hardware will start and will syncronize the PMDG data, so after few seconds on the hardware ( MCP and radio panels ) will appear the same values of the PMDG737 panel.

So the hardware now connect and syncronize the MCP, EFIS and Radio panel annunciators status and radio frequencyes

Summing up:

All MCP switches ( AT, FD1, FD2 and disengage bar ) works

All MCP pushbuttons and annuncitors works at 100%

EFIS is fully operative ( works at 100% )

Radios panel ( NAV, VHF, ADF and ATC ) works at 100%

Please read the enclosed document (pdf) for more information