Full scale replica of Boeing EFI747 selector.

• Custom backlighting frontplate.
• 2 rotary encoders with push-on switch for MINS and BARO adjustment.
• RADIO/BARO and IN/HPA rotary selectors with dual concentric knobs.
• Knobs: aluminium dust-coated with symbols.
• 2 toggle switches with three positions for VOR/ADF selection.
• 4 position rotary switches with push in for display mode selection.
• 8 position rotary switches with push in for ND range and TFC selection.
• 2 round pushbuttons for FPV and METER selection.
• 5 pole connection cable and fixing clamp provided.

EFIS747 reproduces the EFIS selector located on the Boeing 747 cockpit glareshield. Through a jumper EFIS747 can operate as captain or F/O selector (with Project Magenta only). EFIS747 has backlight controlled by the MCP747 and supports all functions. The module is directly powered and driven by the MCP747 through a single 5 pole cable (provided). The EFIS747 does not require any configuration and like all others CPflight modules have a second socket to allow the connection of further devices (daisy chain).
EFIS747 is fully compatible with Project Magenta, PMDG 737 series, Flight Deck software, LVLD767 and with Microsoft Flight Simulator X Boeing 747. For any compatibility check please our section "Technical and documents".

Why choosing us?

Our EFIS747 connects directly to MCP747 in daisy-chain together with the other modules.
The MCP747 takes on charge all the connected modules, dealing the communication between them.
For this reason EFI747 does not require further driver installations or software configurations and does not take USB ports on the pc.
Behind the panel the thickness of our EFIS747 is besides of 26 mm.

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