Our cockpits for the Boeing 737 MAX offer a unique blend of advanced technology and authenticity. Explore the ultimate in 1:1 scale realism and precision aircraft piloting with our state-of-the-art solutions.



Cockpit 737MAX

CPflight Professional Cockpit Ethernet Includes Steel Floorstand with wheels and Dual Linked Yoke LATERAL SHELL with: Fiberglass panels and switch panels (B737Max replica) Tiller PRO CPT side CEILING SHELL ,With fiberglass panels (B737 replica) Windows B737 replica Maps Holder for CPT and FO side (B737 replica)Handles (B737 replica)2x B737MAX Style PRO Replica seats with J-RAILS system, Tq throttle Quadrant CPflight Pro 737 Motorized designed to be fully functional replicas of the original parts and offer the same reliability of heavy use. CPFlight Proffesional Cockpit B737 Max is a Plug&Fly product conceived and developed by CPflight based on 20 years of experience in the high level simulation industry, it follows that all parts have been designed and developed by CPflight to ensure maximum fidelity durability, therefore oriented to a professional audience for intensive use. These features make the CPFlight Proffesional Cockpit B737 Max product usable for both experienced pilots and for training/educational use for aspiring pilots .100% compatible with Prosim. Does not require any plugins or addons, it is integrated with Prosim (Prepar3D or Fs2020)
Fully compatible with X-Plane11/12 + Zibo Fully compatible with Prepar3d + Pmdg

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