BRT737NG is the module that allows the brightness regulation of all the pedestal panels.
Besides that, the BRT737NG powers the connected modules avoiding to surcharge of the MCP power in case of presence of numerous panels on the pedestal disposing of 3 DIN5 pole connectors (one for each pedestal column). A suitable power supply adapter is supplied together with a dedicated 5 pole connection cable.
If you include SELCAL737 and/or CABDOOR737 on your pedestal, BRT737NG is necessary to make them function (see related product pages). The BRT737NG gives signals to the SELCAL737 and to CABDOOR737 (if any). it is compatible with PMDG and PROSIM737.
BRT737NG module also arranges an output for the pedestal Flood enlightning regulation (if any).

BRT737NG disposes of:

• 6vdc 2 A power supply adapter
• 3,5 lenght mt 5 pole cable (dedicated)
• High realism panel with warm white backlight
• 1 Knob for the pedestal backlight brightness regulation
• 1 Knob for the eventual FLOOD (on the dedicated terminal block).
• 2 sockets to connect SELCAL/CABDOOR737
• 1 DIN 5 pole socket for the connection to the CPflight MCP737
• 3 DIN 5 pole socket to connect all the other pedestal panels
• Supplied with aluminium fasteners, screws and nuts
• 100% scaled
• Works with all CPflight MCP versions.
• Backlighted knobs

Options: Backlighted knobs, 1/4 turn original fastners

Why choosing us?

BRT737NG does not require further driver installations or software configurations and does not take USB ports on the pc. BRT737NG connects directly by the 5 pole cable to the MCP737. Behind the panel the thickness of our BRT737NG is of 24 mm.

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