Full scale replica Boeing 737 of CP & FO Audio Selector panel

• Warm white backlight
• High quality backlighted pushbuttons and MIC selectors
• The module is supplied with aluminium fasteners, screws and nuts (optional ¼ turn fastners)
• 10 bit resolution for volume regulation on each channel
• 14 potentiometers with latching push functions and illuminated knobs
• 1 high quality locking lever, 1 R/T- I/C 3 position momentary switch, 1 ALT/NORM 2 position switch, 1 VBR 3 position rotary selector.
• Direct daisy-chain connection to MCP737 through single 5 pole cable (70 cm provided).

Despite of the FS and related software add-on limitation, our ASP737PRO2 supports the mainly related functions. Therefore some of the flight simulation software functions are not operational.
However our ASP737PRO2 hardware supports all functions and send commands for each control. For this reason our product is ready for developments that constantly become operative in the various software add-on.

Why choosing us?

Our ASP737PRO2 connects directly to MCP737PRO/PRO2/EL in daisy-chain together with the other modules.
The MCP737 takes on charge all the connected modules, dealing the communication between them.
For this reason ASP737PRO2 does not require further driver installations or software configurations and does not take USB ports on the pc.
Behind the panel the thickness of our ASP737PRO2 is besides of 25 mm.

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Price: € 409,00 + VAT

P/N: ASP737PRO2 | Availability: 3 weeks